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Gone are the days where one would associate interior designing with just revamping only their homes. In today’s corporate life, where people end up spending more time in their offices than at home, the need to liven up, redesign and move ahead with the trends has been catching up with office interior designers in major metropolitan cities, especially Mumbai. As the city continues to expand, the increase in the number of offices is only inevitable. For a city that claims to never sleep, many of the offices in the city work around the clock. It is thus essential for an organization to make it’s employees feel welcomed and comfortable and we at Pooja B Mehta commercial interior designers located in Mumbai, understand the true essence and vibe of the city. We have a dedicated team of office interior designers in Mumbai, to cater to our corporate client’s needs.


Gone are the days where one would follow the age-old practice of painting offices in beige colors and the same old boring brown desks and chairs. Those who have continued using the same are finally saying goodbye to boring dull and unwelcoming interiors. They have started moving away from the cliché colors and interiors and have begun revamping them with fresh, bright and exciting colors, designs, lights, portraits, contemporary art and crafts thus making your workspace more welcoming, exciting and lively.

A well thought of and more importantly, a well-executed design can brighten up your workspace, make it appear more spacious and can be mesmerizing to those who not only work there, but also visitors, who will be left with a lasting impression. Our expert team of office interior designers, combine tradition with modernity, thus giving you the best of both worlds

Office for Mr.Parag Kapadia:

Your offices speak your personality..Your Profession..Your Vision.
This Classic office is made with outstanding Marble flooring, sleek interior design,Rustic walls cladding,and Vibrant hues...

Mumbai Ghatkopar

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