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6 Simple Breakfast Nook Tips that You Will Love

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

How about having your evening coffee at your super comfy breakfast nook with tables curved or rectilinear, dimmable light and throw pillows? Breakfast nooks are also an ideal place or for gathering with the whole family for pancakes on weekends. They are the best sit out space for homework stations and intimate spots for candlelit dinners. So, if you want a design-savvy way to energise your morning routine, here are some fantastic breakfast nooks tips make you start rethinking your kitchen layout.

1. Choose a Spot

When the term breakfast nooks hit your mind, you think of a spot which is inviting and bright. Window seats are one of the easiest spots for these. It is not always that you need a nook close to the window. You can even choose an empty corner in the kitchen, or maybe at the back of the booth or some other unused space.

2.Start with the Table and Seating

📷 Make the most of the corner. Consider a creating your nook in the angle and have a round pedestal table surrounded with dining chairs to create a pleasing eat-in spot. Opt for seating with a sculptural element, or an interesting texture like Danish cord. You can even play with mismatched chairs that will give it a casual look. Alternatively, if you wish to offer a more relaxed environment, create a full booth for a restaurant-style look. You can even choose a three-sided booth which would be great for larger groups. Stools and cubes are other fun option to keep the area feeling open and inviting.

3.Choose Anti-Stain

📷 Use stain-resistant fabrics and easy to wipe down furniture.

4.Play with Hues

📷 Shake up those sleepy mornings with a quake of caffeine and colour. Contemporary style and cool chrome finishes will offer the best autumnal and cosy appearance.

5.Make a Statement with Lighting

📷 Install a dimmer or a sculptural light fixture for your nook lighting to double the focal point for a white-walled breakfast nook.

6.Add Some Personal Touch and Art Objects

📷 A sculptural flower vase in a lively hue (may be a geometrical one) will serve as a cool table centrepiece. You can even choose colourful textiles and interesting art and accent fixtures on a parapet. A gallery wall at the midpoint of the space makes will make this space a mini room in itself. Framed children’s artwork with a mix of prints and paintings personalises this easy-breezy kitchen nook. Breakfast nooks have become a popular addition for most homes. They are easy to build and are multi-functional. Why not incorporate them in your home today? Read more for Stunning Colour Schemes That’ll Brighten Up Your Space

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