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Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Want to transform your living space? We bring to you some well-known interior design tricks that designers recommend and employ which you too can easily try with minimal effort and cost.

Quick Tips to Add Oomph to your Interiors

Light & Modern – The Soft Colour Effect

Did you know that white, softer or lighter hues help make the room feel larger? If you think that your rooms give an impression of being cramped or stuffed, try white or other light color paints on the walls and roof. It can make a difference. White color gives a fresh & airy feel. They are the primary choice of most interior designers when looking for adding a soft touch of modern living room.


Delightful Greens

Plants add life to your dwelling. Small, large, too many or a few – add them to every room. Plants are inexpensive home décor accessories that freshen household air and balance humidity. They add color and consistency while absorbing pollutants and remove harmful gases from the air.


Contrast with Dissimilar Chairs

Why the same identical, old-fashioned chairs again? If you want to add a chic appearance to your dining room decorators suggest bringing different chairs into the same design. Keep in mind the key is to make sure they all work well together. For example, they can be of the same color, etc.


Use Area Rugs To Soften Hardwood Floors

Rugs are in vogue. They give warmth and add texture, color and personality to your living space. For homes with hardwood floors, area rugs can develop fun and functionality. Use varying patterns and fabrics together to showcase your character. You can change your area rugs to reflect the seasons too. For instance, using warmer tones and fabrics for cooler months and lighter ones for the warmer days.


Mirror… Mirror on the Wall!

Mirrors reflect light and extend the view. If your room gets less natural light, place a mirror placed directly across the window to reflect light. There are many ornamental mirrors available which will not just fill vacant wall space but also help to brighten your living space. Fix the mirror in such a way that it doesn’t reflect doors, bed, or cluttered view of the room.


Let the Patterns & Textures Speak

You have almost heard this many a times that patterns are the most important aspect in decorating your home. With fabrics, rugs or pillows, furniture with different colors and style and patterns will bring warmness and texture.


Add Style with Hanging Pots & Bamboo Baskets

Kitchens are full of activity places. A hanging pot rack can impart a better touch of elegance to your kitchen. To give that extra look for your pantry you can use bamboo baskets. These baskets can be used to keep grocery, or some dry vegetables like potatoes.


Long Curtains for that Tall Effect

Want to make your area appear elevated – buy a long curtain for the window that touches the floor. Also keep the curtain wide enough to keep the folds even if they are closed.Stay tuned for more interior design trends.

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