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Stunning Colour Schemes That’ll Brighten Up Your Space

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Whether you live in a pod or a palace, there is always a need for “more” spacious and “happening” rooms. This article will walk you through some of the best choices of colour schemes that we have been using to make any space look Pinterest-worthy. It can be easily customized as per your taste.  

Our thumb rule is to divide colour ratio to 80:20. Use one colour family for majority of your design and add a few elements of other colour throughout the room to maintain balance in design. In this article, you will find which two colour combinations can be used together such that the rooms look bright and beautiful without compromising design elements.

1. Grey/White + Bright warm colour

2. Pastels

This is the most trending combination presently especially for teenagers and pastel loving adults. You can incorporate numerous pastel colours and it will still look pulled together. Best way to have this look is to have white ceilings, floorings and major furniture; then adding pastels to rest of the places. Here, 80-20 rule can be broken and both pastels and white can be used equally. Although, it is very important that you follow this scheme throughout your interior elements to justify this awesome Instagram-worthy decor. Adding too much contrast in this scheme will only lead to shabby looking room that you would want to avoid.

3. Shades of single colour (monochromatic)

Monotonous life is boring but a monochromatic room is HOT! In fact, monochromatic rooms create a perfect illusion of spacious room. Don’t limit yourself to one or two shades, go wild and bring in as many tints and shades as you like, but, of the same colour. Make sure the shades you choose are of same hue and tonal values are close to each other; too much contrast is not advised. Also, choose undertone cleverly: one cool undertone and another warm can make room look messy.

4. Grey/White + Cool colour

Grey and white plus cool colours are for people who wish their space to look neutral and calming. Use lighter tints of grey for majority of elements and add dark shades of blue for best effect. Always remember, use lighter tints of the colour used for 80% elements and darker or brighter shades of colour used for rest of the elements. This colour palette makes you feel at beach holiday each time you come home. Using cool colours like blue and green brings the room a natural feeling hence making it look spacious and calming. This combination speaks “relaxed and soothing”.

5. Complementary colours

This colour palette is for the bold ones. Those who want to create a space which is as adventurous as them, give a try to complementary colour scheme. Purple-Yellow, Blue-orange and Green-red are perfect complements of each other. Choose a dominant colour and use lighter tints of that colour for majority of the interior. Add bold statement pieces of the other colour.

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