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Buying a home is a dream come true for most people but designing it is also full of challenges. Pooja Mehta - Designing Dreams offers end to end solutions for residential interior designing. Every homeowner has a different preference when it comes to designing. Along with the stated, several things also depend on the owner’s lifestyle and taste. We make sure all our clients get what they desire. A home is a special space and designing it involves more than just thinking about the colour combinations and furniture! We, as a team, value your emotions when we design your abode. Known for being one of the most reliable residential interior designers in Mumbai, Pooja Mehta- Designing Dreams believes in offering both comfort and style. 


Our residential projects are known for being exquisite and high on functionality. With a dedicated team, we execute all our projects with a distinct approach. For us, every home is special and that also reflects in our planning and execution. 


We believe in creating residential spaces that feel homely and wanted. Thanks to the busy lives, most home dwellers no longer have time to cater to high maintenance homes and hence, we make sure our designs are innovative and easy to maintain. 


Designing a home is a process and involves the consideration of several factors. Right from the living room to the kitchen, everything should reflect a similar vibe. Additionally, the different areas in a home should be in sync with one another. Our team has an eye for detail and focuses on even the minuscule elements. 


Our designing process is flexible and client-centric. Residential interior designers in Mumbai no longer just focus on placing the furniture right and window panes, they concentrate on many other aspects like light fixtures, choosing the right fabrics, dining area, etc. Our residential interior projects range from minimal to exotic designs. 


With an expertise of over 12 years in interior designing, we make sure every residential space designed by us has an essence of newness. Be it a blend of royal colours and rich furniture or a concoction of warm tones and versatile elements, our team does justice to all interior styles! 


Apart from focusing on the creative aspect, we make sure our designing process follows a quality-oriented approach. We monitor our projects closely and that makes us timely! You need not worry about any delays because we complete all our projects within the set deadlines. 


Committed to the principles of excellence and innovation, Pooja Mehta - Designing Dreams, also focuses on providing budget-oriented services. People often get confused when designing their homes. Our team of experts will make sure all your doubts are answered before the designing process begins. We carry out all our interior designing projects with zeal and dedication keeping in mind the client’s requirements. Being one of the most preferred residential interior designers in Mumbai our designs are not just about our expertise but are also a reflection of our client’s vision. Contact us today and build your dream home! 

Project One Avighna Park :

This project is  located at One Avighna Park on the 35th floor; one of the best properties in South Mumbai.

We aimed to go all out in terms of elegance to give it an exotic feel. A living room is the most essential part of any Home as they reflect the lifestyle of individuals who owns them.

Our objective was to make this space ooze of fineness and royalty, so a mix of Grand Marble, simple ceiling design along with custom made unique furniture with Rose gold metal details that helped us achieve our goal. Since we also wanted to add a dash of Glamour to the space, we used extraordinary chandeliers and adorned the door with Mother of pearl inlays.  

The lounging space of a living room sets the tone for the entire house. In this project, our aim was to go all out on fineness and luxury. To achieve this, we designed custom built furniture and paired it with a contemporary designer rug. The leather panelling behind the sofa compliments the whole theme. But we went a step further and added an exotic panoramic painting with metallic frame to complete the exquisite design, just like a cherry on the cake.


We constructed this house with dazzling color schemes that will enliven the space.  We combined an exclusiveness in style with modernized designs and functions to make our creations hugely idiosyncratic. We give special attention to minuscule details which can add to the final look of the home.


The design in the Guest Bedroom is quiet balanced in terms of color combinations and geometry. 
While the wall behind the bed adorns beautifully crafted Brown glass and the Rug completes the look.Overall the room looks enormous with the play of light, color and textures.

Category- Residences 
One Avighna park
Lower Parel 
4 Bhk apartment

Project Villa Designs :

Project Rijuvalika :


This Project was designed for a #young couple has an exclusive #marble & veneer panelling. The laser-cut designer centre table creates a focal point in the room. It further compliments with the beautiful bronze mirror finish niche in the ceiling. The room is accentuated with various textures used in perfect harmony. Over all the design gives a balanced and clean look to the room.

Bringing out luxury in its simplest form, we designed the  bedroom to provide a perfect combo of elegance and comfort. We tried using strong contrast like brown and white, which gives a warm and versatile look to the bedroom. Adding to its beauty the wall is cladded in brown painted glass. We’ve picked a ravishing bed which is made of rich leather and fabric. The pendant lights beside the bed adds to the drama. 

Locality - Khar 
2 bhk apartment

Project Ajanta Apartment :

The PROJECT was designed on the basis of a special request from our client - "make it look capacious". The detailed mirrored wall helps widen the space visually. Long cozy sofa paired with beautiful bronze mirror center table further adds to the beauty of this room. The designer rug swiftly adds charm to otherwise minimalist look. The true Show Stealer is the huge abstract painting smartly placed right beside the mirror to create an illusion of two paintings